"Prior to Tomatis®, Isabela was exhibiting difficulties in her schooling, particularly her writing and following directions. She also was unable to express her feelings across clearly that she would resort to screaming and tantrums. Her ADHD behavioral pediatrician had suggested that Isabela try the Tomatis® therapy last March 2007.

Isabela now, after completing the full course of therapy, has remarkable improvements in behavior. Her writing was the first to show improvement.

She is now more articulate and expressive of her feelings through words and actions. Her grades in Prep have improved to our surprise. She even made the honor roll in the first quarter. She is also eager to study and finish her work. She has been more responsible in handling her supplies as well.

Suffice it to say we are very pleased with the results on Isabela."

- Tricia, Mother of 5-year old Isabela, Diagnosed with ADHD

Our story starts in 2006 with a 4 year old named Enrique who was diagnosed with ADHD. He was unable to focus on any given activity or sit still. He would lie on the floor or hide under the table. He was irritated by shirt tags and messy art play that involved sand, glue or finger paint. He was annoyed at the sound of dogs barking or his baby brother crying. This troubled his parents Miguel and Ria.

Ria’s mother-in-law suggested that Enrique do the Tomatis® Listening Therapy. After researching on the Internet, Ria found the nearest Tomatis® facility. It was in Australia! That’s a distant 6,000 kilometers away from the Philippines.

Turns out that Miguel, Enrique’s father, did the Tomatis® therapy himself 20 years ago in Spain for a stuttering issue that he has had no problem with ever since. Ria was convinced that this is what her son needed. She decided to take her son to Spain and do the therapy there. Spain was home to her mother-in-law and they took Enrique to the same Tomatis® center that his father went to 2 decades ago.

Two and a half months after the therapy, back in Manila, Enrique’s teacher sent him a note commending him for his longer attention span. He was now capable of completing his writing tasks just like his classmates. His football trainers also sent Ria a note saying how happy they were with the change in behavior. He even scored some goals for his team!

Ria was absolutely amazed with The Tomatis® Method. Her good friends, Gem and Joanne, who were a support for her during this unsettled time with a happy ending, were impressed themselves in the positive results of Tomatis® both with Enrique and Miguel.

The three were determined to bring The Tomatis® Therapy to the Philippines. They wanted to help people. Thanks to serendipity, the love of a mother and strong friendships they have succeeded and Tomatis® is now here to help adults and children with special needs.

The very first Tomatis® center opened in Alabang in January 2007 and they have helped over a hundred children. Late in 2008 they opened the second center in Quezon City. In October of 2009 a third and unique Tomatis® Center will be opening at The Fort. It will be the first in South East Asia to integrate Tomatis® in a school setting.

Gem D. Mañosa

Gem D. Mañosa has a Master's Degree in Family Life and Child Development. She has been involved in the education of children for the past 15 years. Following training under Francoise Nicoloff, current President of the IARCTC (International Association of Certified Tomatis® Consultants) and the official Tomatis® representative for South Pacific and Australasia, Gem is now a Certified Tomatis® Consultant working with children and adults at the Tomatis® Centers in the Philippines. Gem has also founded Sabina’s Books, a publishing house specializing in women’s and children’s books. She is also one of the authors of "The Listening Journey for Children: Boosting Learning, Communication and Confidence Through Sound".

Joanne S. Pedrosa

Joanne S. Pedrosa is a certified Tomatis® Listening Trainer having completed an intensive training program with IARCTC President Francois Nicoloff. After graduating from Assumption College, she joined the Associate Missionaries of the Assumption and helped establish a school for the less fortunate and teach pre-school children in Makati. Joanne is also proprietor of Peak A Boo, a chidren’s clothing store in Alabang Town Center.

Ria G. Vecin

Ria G. Vecin is a certified Tomatis® Listening Trainer, trained by IARCTC President, Francoise Nicoloff. She is also General Manager of the Tomatis® Center Alabang. Ria graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University and worked in the fields of finance and real estate. After many years, she finally decided to pursue her calling of helping children, adolescents, and adults using the Tomatis® Method. Ria is currently taking her Masters Degree in Psychology at Assumption College.

Chiara V. Montaner

Chiara V. Montaner is currently completing training as a Tomatis® Listening Trainer. She is also General Manager of the Tomatis® Quezon City Center. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Communications degree. After a brief stint in the shipping industry, she taught at Explorations preschool for two years where she realized that it is children with whom she wants to work. Chiara is living this dream by helping children at the Quezon City center.